The Solar Industry – Why Work In It?

Jobs in Solar make up one-third of renewable energy jobs. Despite COVID and other issues, the industry has seen record growth in employment and capacity. Here are the main reasons you should switch to or continue in the Solar Industry and the numbers to back us up!  
  • Job Growth – By The Numbers 

According to a study in PV Magazine, The U.S. solar industry has employed about 231,000 people since 2020. This is great news for anyone looking to get into the solar industry or looking to stay; While there is still some pushback, demand for clean energy – and specifically solar energy is growing. Solar represents 43% of all new electricity generating capacity as of 2020 and happens to be one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy in many states. With much of the United States moving towards being 50% renewable energy by 2030 this industry is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Follow the Money

According to a US Job Census study, people in the Solar industry are paid a median of $24.48 an hour which is better than the national median wage and as you gain more experience the pay will rise as well. The Solar industry is not only a field where people can make a difference, they can also make a lot of money. Jobs in solar are expected to grow by 50.5% according to Forbs, and the salaries for some of these jobs can be around six figures, so it’s easy to see why sticking around in Solar can be good for your bank account.

  • An Evolving Industry

With new innovations from mounting systems to energy storage, the industry is exciting and continues to flourish.  For example, the industry is already moving towards higher-efficiency solar modules, which can generate 1.5 times more power than existing modules using tandem silicon cells. These continued technological improvements are allowing for costs to lower incrementally and increase efficiency across the solar market. This innovation is nowhere near stopping and as costs continue to fall, it could become the most important energy source in the world. Soon there could be more than 115 gigawatts (GW) of solar installed globally, which is good for the climate and people’s energy bills.

  • Final Thoughts

So now that you’ve read up on why you should change to or continue in the Solar industry, we’d like to leave you with a statistic of our own: did you know 20% of the candidates we’ve placed in the industry have been promoted? We have decades of experience placing qualified candidates in highly specialized roles in the renewable energy industry. Partnering with us to assist you in your job search is a great way to introduce you to job opportunities in the renewable energy sector that you might not otherwise find, which is good news for you. To see more helpful tips check out our other blogs like “Team Interviews,” and “Navigating Counter Offers.”