Plug And Play Is Over

Jon Semingson is back to talk to all you hiring managers out there! Candidates are making fewer lateral moves, and the idea of “plug and play” – candidates moving to a new organization but doing the same job for the same amount of money is a thing of the past.

 Solar Industry Update

Jon Semingson is back with an update on what’s going on in the Solar industry right now.

First Quarter Hiring – Start Planning Now!

Peak Demand’s Jon Semingson is back to discuss how, if you’re planning on hiring Q1, you should be starting now.

Get Down To Specifics

Let’s get down to business! Jon Semingson is here to help you figure out what you really want out of a job opportunity.

Managing Expectations

Peak Demand’s Jon Semingson is back to talk about managing expectations in the hiring process!

Time To Tighten Up Your Process

Jon Semingson is back to talk about tightening up your HR process. Video edited by Ryan Wade.

Being On the Same Page – Hiring

Jon Semingson is back for another #TipTuesday to discuss how your hiring team should all be on the same page.

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you?

Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out during your job search.

Interview with Naseem Malik

Jon Semingson interviews Naseem Malik about issues in the supply chain across the solar market.

Over Posturing – Be Reasonable

Jon Semingson is back with some tips about getting the job you want with the salary you want – but how to be reasonable with your goals.

Peak Demand – Are you ready to make a job change?

Here are a few things to consider prior to changing jobs!

How big is your talent pool?

When hiring, do you know how big of a talent pool exists for the type of people you are looking for?

Stop over assigning sales quotas

Sales Leaders – Stop over assigning quotas (and reducing commissions).

Let’s talk about planning. 

The end of the year is when most people make their plans for the following year. Why is that important?

Do Companies Need to be More Flexible?

How flexible should companies and employees be now that the world has returned to some normalcy?

Congratulations on making it through 2020!

Even with COVID, 2020 was a huge year for renewable energy.
Congratulations to everyone in solar and energy storage that made it possible.

Do you have a Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Every organization needs a strategy around recruiting and talent acquisition.  What’s yours?

What do you do when you get a counteroffer?

Changing jobs is hard.
Getting a counteroffer makes it harder.How can you make it easier?

There Is No Such Thing As The PERFECT Candidate

Companies are going to have a long wait if they are waiting for the “Perfect” candidate.

Will The Office Change Forever?

What does Jon Semingson think about working remote?

Jobs Are Starting To Rebound Already

We are not seeing a slow down in the Executive Solar space.

I Just Lost My Job Now What?

A few things to keep in mind when you’ve lost your job.

Covid Hiring Process

Are clients onboarding people remotely?Yes they are and it’s awesome.