How to Navigate a Career Change in Renewable Energy 


How to make a successful career change in the industry. 

Evaluating Your Long-term Goals and Aspirations in the Industry.
First, you need to understand why you’re looking for a career change and figure out your long-term career goals. Doing research into the types of work and organizations that you feel would fit you better is the first step in deciding what your next career steps may look like. Other tools to utilize are platforms like LinkedIn which is great for looking into the types of positions you may be interested in.

In this job market, the needs of the industry are always changing, so being able to be flexible is important. Take a closer look at the descriptions of the jobs you are thinking of transitioning to and the requirements for those positions. According to a study, 70% of all working-age people are actively looking for a job change. Understanding the skills, qualifications, and experience the employer is seeking will help you align them with your long-term career aspirations.

Assessing Your Transferable Skills
There are so many different sectors of the renewable energy industry and you may have many transferable skills that can help you make a switch to different projects. Assessing the skills you currently have will help you figure out what you may have to work on. Once you have decided on a path, enrolling in programs or classes in areas you need to work on is a great way to add more qualifications under your belt.

Highlighting these transferable skills on your resume and emphasizing how the experience you already have can translate to the position you are interested in is a way to set yourself up for success. Finding an area of the industry that interests you and can fit with your values will also help you assess your current skillset to determine what experience you have would be relevant when you are ready to make a job change.

Developing A Career Transition Plan
Creating a timeline and actionable steps to achieve your goals in your career is one of the most important steps when you have decided to make a job change. Once you have set your long-term career goals and your relevant transferable skills it’s time to consider how to gain practical experience in that area. Networking virtually or at events like RE+ and CleanPower are also great ways of gaining meaningful connections and mentorship with industry professionals.

Working with a recruiting company like Peak Demand is also a great way to find a great career opportunity. We have years of experience in the renewable energy industry. We can help you find an organization that is looking for people with your experience and skill set. We can also guide you through the interview process to signing an offer with a new organization.

Final Thoughts
Remember that transitioning to a new job takes time and perseverance. Having a plan and doing research will help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties that come with changing careers. Stay committed, stay informed, and assess your current skills along with new ones you could master. With persistence and help, you’ll increase your chances of securing the new renewable energy job you’ve set your sights on.

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