The Renewable energy experts

WHY WORK WITH Peak demand?

The renewable energy market is booming. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.9% from 2023 to 2030, and the USERR reports that the renewable energy workforce added almost 300,000 jobs as of 2023 and the numbers are only going up.

Our expert renewable energy recruiters are more than professionals; they are industry enthusiasts, diligently tracking market trends to empower both candidates and hiring managers.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Peak Demand's Recruiters Make a Difference:

Stock image of two men, one black and the other white & mature meeting to discuss solar pale installation design… this is shown on a screen in the office.

1) Access to the best job opportunities

Our seasoned recruiters can add value with a thorough understanding of an employer’s needs and a strong professional network that can deliver qualified candidates to the employer. Find out more here:

2) Ability to source the strongest candidates

Peak Demand has been providing clients with the critical talent needed to grow a business, placing professionals from accounting and finance, business development, sales and marketing, engineering, the executive suite, and more. Read more about it here:

3) Alignment with clients’ goals

Our highly specialized recruiters can quickly qualify an individual’s experience and ability to ensure it matches what an organization needs. Find out more here:

4) The focus on job fit

Recruiters can identify job-fit candidates by understanding a company’s culture and the role that it’s looking to fill. Read up on it here:

5) The cost of a mis-hire is still too high

Studies show that 80% of all employee turnover is the result of a mis-hire. Read more about it here: