Quitting Your Job? Signs It’s Time to Make a Change

Are you thinking about quitting your job? Maybe you are in a role with limited career upside, or maybe you no longer enjoy the role or function you are in.  How fulfilled you are in your position will inevitably go through its ebbs and flows. But, when should you grin and bear it and when should you pull up stakes and start looking to make a change?

Obvious Signals it is Time to Move On:
•  When you dread going to work every day.
• On Sunday, you are already miserable thinking about going back to work on Monday. And not just because you don’t want to get up early, but because you truly dread your tasks of the day.
• You don’t trust what your company tells you, or worse, they have demonstrated a clear lack of integrity.
What are the less obvious signs?

• People and Fit:
You don’t have to be best friends with the people you work with, but if you don’t respect them and can’t learn from them you may be wasting your time.  We spend as much (or more) time during the week with our coworkers than our families, so make sure you are working with people you enjoy being around.  This is the #1 reason people make career changes.

• Lack of Challenge:
If you have been in the same role for a long time, are going through the motions every day and see no end in sight, it may be time to look for a new role.  Good companies will try to push you in new areas to continue your development and grow your skill set.  If they do not invest in you, why should you be invested in them?

Limited Growth Opportunity:
There are times when you have to leave your current company to keep moving your career path onward and upward.  If there is no line of sight for you to take the next step in the next several years and/or your company won’t support your growth it may be time to look for other options, but be careful.  If you are promoted within your current company, they may be more likely to give you leeway to make mistakes and to learn on the job.  You won’t have any political capital built up in a new organization and they may have high expectations right out of the gate.

The best time to quit your job is not during the typical ebbs and flows. Make sure you have a real clear reason to move and a sense of where you are moving to before you quit. The worst thing you could do would be to quit on a whim without somewhere else to go.