5 Reasons you should be Working with a Recruiter

We all know it can be difficult looking for the next step in your career. Online job portals are basically black holes or a sick type of resume purgatory.  Communication from companies either stops or is non-existent.  Maybe you can’t seem to find the position that matches up with your career goals and passions.  These are all part of the struggles job seekers face and where a good, quality recruiter can bring enormous value to you.

The best part is that recruiter’s services are free to the job seeker. If that isn’t enough to convince you, keep reading our top 5 reasons why partnering with a recruiter could bring value to your job search below.  The caveat here is that not all recruiters are created equal – We are strictly taking about quality recruiters here.

  1. Quality recruiters have strong relationships with the hiring manager

Quality recruiters work hand in hand with the hiring managers throughout the process.  The hiring manager knows that they need to be actively involved in the process and providing feedback to keep the best candidates engaged in the process. Many times, recruiters are a trusted resource for the hiring manager and know about upcoming positions or initiatives within a company before HR does. Usually, candidates that have been vetted by an outside recruiting firm are viewed more favorably than ones that come directly from a job positing because someone is vouching for them.

  1. Recruiters like interacting and communicating with people

Recruiters spend most of the day on the phone or electronically communicating with job seekers and hiring managers. They know the culture of the companies they work with, the challenges you will likely face and what types of personalities will fit with their clients.  They genuinely want to get to know the people they work with to effectively make connections between the company and the job seeker. This experience is invaluable if there are any miscommunications or other “issues” that need to be resolved during the process. It can also make the offer negotiation much easier.

  1. A relationship with a recruiter can boost your long-term career

Recruiters are in the business of connecting people with opportunities. When a hiring manager approaches a recruiter with a position that needs to be filled they will often scan their mental rolodex to see if they know of a perfect candidate before looking outside of current connections. Developing a professional relationship with a recruiter will put you on the radar for future opportunities.

  1. Resources that go above and beyond

Recruiters have access to resources on and offline that most job seekers can’t access. These resources can help recruiters find jobs that may not be posted yet, or ever, therefore giving you access to the positions before others see them. Engaging with a recruiter is a great opportunity for résumé development and building a personal brand.

  1. Business is all about who you know

More than ever, business and hiring decisions are based on the network that a company or hiring manager keeps. Reaching out to, and staying connected with a recruiter on LinkedIn, by email or by phone effectively adds you and your experience to their network, increasing your chances of finding the perfect job match.

Again, not all recruiters are created equally, but the best recruiters bring tremendous value to the candidates and companies they work with.  The next time a recruiter calls, think twice before you blow them off and tell them you’re not interested in other opportunities.  We will talk about how to tell the difference between great recruiters and the rest in our next post.