Women in Solar: Shaping the Future


It’s crucial to recognize the pivotal role that women play in shaping the solar industry and help to attract more diverse voices moving forward.  

  • Women Leading Solar Initiatives 

Women embody a significant well of entrepreneurial potential, talent, and resilience, capable of sparking productive activity and laying the foundation for sustainable economic development. From groundbreaking advancements in solar technology to the integration of renewable energy into diverse sectors, they are exploring the full potential of solar solutions.

Their influence is felt at every level, shaping the direction of solar initiatives from conception to implementation. Women currently account for around 30-40% of those employed within the solar energy sector according to the non-profit organization Solar Sister. 

  • Navigating the Solar Industry

One of the challenges faced by women in the solar industry is the persistence of gender stereotypes. Breaking those notions about gender roles in a traditionally male-dominated field requires resilience. Overcoming these challenges from an organizational perspective involves systemic changes within organizations, fostering equal opportunities.

The renewable energy sector offers a plethora of career paths. From 2021-2022 the energy sector added nearly 300,000 jobs and women made up more than half of those. While women make up almost 40% of the industry, it is still an uneven playing field with the IRENA reporting that 58% of women are hired in administrative roles.

  • Empowering Women in Solar

Organizations can create networking opportunities for women to connect with other professionals in the renewable energy industry. This exposure not only provides valuable insights into various roles but also creates a supportive community that encourages career exploration. 

Actively engaging in mentorship programs, and empowering women is crucial for attracting and retaining talent. Groups like Solar Energy International and the Women in Solar Energy (WISE) aim to help and highlight the voices of women and women of color in the solar industry. 

  •  Identifying and Attracting Diversity in Solar

Representation gaps persist in the industry. Actively working towards closing these gaps, not just through individual achievements but by contributing to industry-wide initiatives that promote diversity at all levels is important in attracting and retaining talent.

Identifying diverse female voices begins with a strategic talent identification process. This involves leveraging diverse recruitment channels and engaging with industry-specific networks. Hiring more women within organizations improves company culture, resulting in better engagement and retention. Providing access to training at all levels, and working on leadership accountability and support, will aid in attraction and retention.  

  • Final Thoughts

Pushing for more women in solar will help in overcoming challenges and transforming them into triumphs that contribute to a more inclusive, diverse, and innovative sector. Women play a pivotal role in steering the solar industry towards a future where equality and diversity are integral to its success.