When it comes to the hiring process, a lot has changed; Zoom interviews and using algorithms to filter applications is now the norm. So how can you optimize your hiring process in the ever-changing digital age? Here are some quick tips.

Zoom Etiquette
First and foremost, both you and your candidate should arrive at the zoom meeting on time, and make sure your camera is working properly. You should also make sure to keep the camera positioned on your face, and that you have a non-distracting neutral background. Make sure to have a quiet space to conduct your interview – you don’t want any noises that could interrupt you, or that could drown out your candidate’s answers.

Get In On Social Media Platforms
While there is much to love and hate about social media, in the digital age, it is unfortunately essential to have optimized social media platforms to make your company and your brand accessible. Social media is now also the best way to make and maintain business relationships and contacts. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are essential for candidates interested in finding out more about your company and looking for job opportunities.

Reviews Matter and So Does Online Image
Young professionals are more likely to decline a job interview or an offer because of bad company reviews. Remember, you will be Googled, so make sure that all the information on your website is up to date and that there are little to no bad reviews on Glassdoor, Indeed, InHerSight, Yelp, etc. It’s not just about bad reviews however; know that employers must also watch what they post and who they follow on social media so as to not set a bad impression of the company or work environment.

Be On Brand
Having a well-defined, unique brand is important in the competitive hiring landscape. Recruitment marketing techniques that are used to increase engagement isn’t just limited to social media accounts, it means creating targeted ads, personalized emails, and unobtrusive follow-up texts. Just make sure it is in keeping with your brand’s voice. Because much of recruitment marketing is done via online platforms and tools, figure out how your branding would translate to social media and email blasts. Millennial professionals may be swayed into accepting an offer if they feel a connection to the brand.

Candidate Care Comes First
Our final tip is focused on candidate care. 2020 was a crazy year, and now more than ever, young professionals are emphasizing candidate care, and comfort. Not only should you mention benefits such as healthcare, PTO, and possible options to work remotely when you conduct your interviews, but you should also be honest about the time frame for interview results. Transparency is very important to young professionals.

Final Words
Companies and hiring managers need to continue to be flexible as the times change, and talent acquisition firms need to continue to adapt strategies as digital presence, working remotely, and hiring remotely become more prevalent. For more on workplace flexibility, and talent acquisition strategy, click on our Video Blogs page.