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Renewables Market Watch 2023

How is the renewable energy market changing and evolving this year? We interviewed our Managing Partner Jon Semingson and Director of Recruiting Sarah Petersen who have 25 years of combined experience in renewables recruiting. 

2022 in Review and Hiring Predictions for 2023

High-volume recruitment was one of the many trends of 2022, including prioritizing the candidate experience, focusing on employer branding, and appealing to a new generation of candidates. As we look ahead to 2023 here are our predictions for the year ahead. 

Do You Know What A Mis-Hire Costs?

Studies show that 80% of all employee turnover is the result of a mis-hire. Many organizations leave hiring to chance, and every day that your job remains open costs your organization more than just money. So here are some tips from us to you on how to navigate hiring in 2022 and avoid possible mis-hires. …

Building Your Network Virtually

Because the work landscape has changed and many organizations are keeping much of the virtual world of work, it may seem challenging to make new connections and keep building your network if you’re not there physically to do it. Building your network virtually may seem daunting but we’re here to give a little guidance.