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Building Your Network Virtually

Because the work landscape has changed and many organizations are keeping much of the virtual world of work, it may seem challenging to make new connections and keep building your network if you’re not there physically to do it. Building your network virtually may seem daunting but we’re here to give a little guidance.

You Don’t Always Have to Use a Recruiter – Here’s How.

For many roles, utilizing external recruiting resources will dramatically increase your quality of hire and can reduce your time to fill.  But, external recruiters are not always the best solution for every role.  Here are some of the best tactics when approaching hires with external recruitment help.  

Greenwashing – When Sustainability is on Trend

Green is the new black when it comes to business. From planting trees to recycling bottles, sustainability is the newest trend for organizations. So what is it, and how can companies make good on going green?  What is Greenwashing? Greenwashing is when an organization claims to be sustainable or claims to hold eco-friendly practices but…

What is Wokewashing – And Why Is It Toxic?

Organizations planning to hire Millennial and Gen-Z employees may use tactics like faking “wokeness” to gain trust and prestige, so why do these organizations keep doing this, and what is it in the first place? What is Wokewashing?  Wokewashing is when an organization pretends to have progressive views on things like diversity and inclusion, or…

What Does “Build Back Better” Mean For Solar?

The “Build Back Better” Infrastructure bill has yet to pass the Senate, but would mean more funds and incentives for the renewable energy industry, and specifically Solar. So what is the bill, why is it so important to Renewables that it get passed, and what would it mean for the Solar Industry?  Why Is This…

First Quarter Hiring Strategies

Are you planning to hire in the first quarter? Now is the time to start planning so you can start the new year out strong. Companies face fierce competition to fill gaps, and if you are strategizing for Q1, here are a few tips: ● Why Start Now? In a survey conducted by ManPower Group…

Diversity in the Workplace – The Basics 

As the world gets more and more diverse, it is imperative that the corporate world follow suit. Organizations that lack proper diversity initiatives are sabotaging themselves and their employees, and organizations need to understand that diversity in the workplace is the future. So why is it important, and what are the basics to creating a more inclusive workplace?

5 Reasons you should be Working with a Recruiter

We all know it can be difficult looking for the next step in your career. Online job portals are basically black holes or a sick type of resume purgatory.  Communication from companies either stops or is non-existent.  Maybe you can’t seem to find the position that matches up with your career goals and passions.  These…