Career Paths In Renewables

Finding Your Place in the Renewable Energy Sector

Solar Energy Jobs in Peak Demand:

The solar industry offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for workers of all backgrounds.

In this job market, the needs of the industry are always changing, and we have an understanding of where the market is heading.

This is an overview of the solar positions we expect to be in demand based on our expertise.

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Workers installing solar panels on a residential homes roof.


Sales/applications engineers 

Residential salespeople

Outside sales/regional sales managers 

Project Development:

Project developers 

Project Management:

Site managers 

Project managers 


Electrical engineers 

System design engineers 

Product Development:

Product development engineers

Product management directors  

Energy Storage Jobs In Peak Demand:

Many signs point to rapid growth in the energy storage market in the years ahead. Our team has perfected the process of placing the right top-tier candidates at amazing renewable energy organizations across solar, energy storage, electric vehicles, and other emerging market segments.

Here is an overview of energy storage jobs we expect to be in demand.

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Close up stock image of a bearded young man working at a computer screen. He’s working on CAD software looking at the design of a solar panel array in CAD with data.


Sales engineers 

Business development managers 


Project engineers 

Mechanical engineers 

Project Management:

Project managers 

Information Technology:

Software engineers 

Software architects