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Interview Pro Tip: Don’t Get Drunk or Swear Like a Sailor

When it comes to job interviews, common sense isn’t always common practice. Everyone knows that they should conduct themselves professionally in an interview, yet for whatever reason someone will dress too casually, swear like a sailor, gossip about their current (or past) employer, or even get drunk. You can’t make this stuff up. Every year…

How Your Social Media Presence Can Impact Your Candidacy

Before the rise of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, job seekers did not have a digital footprint to consider when applying for a job. Today, 73 percent of Americans use more than one of the eight major social media platforms, according to recent data from the Pew Research Center. The average user in the U.S….

The Importance of Well Written Communication

Working in executive recruiting, I’m frequently surprised by the lack of writing skills possessed by some of the industry’s top candidates. I once requested a cover letter from a prospective candidate–an industry-leading, experienced mechanical engineer—and I was astounded at what I received. It was littered with grammatical errors, it was poorly composed, and the misuse…

Is Your Hiring Process Keeping You From Hiring the Best Candidates?

A few months ago we were approached by the Director of Sales for a leading solar manufacture. He was frustrated because they had been looking for a Regional Sales Manager for a lot longer than they had anticipated, but hadn’t been able to find what he described as “Rockstar Talent.” Having had positive results with solar…